Great Garden Programs for 2010

Sunshine Hellebore hybrid

Flower, Garden and Nature Society of NWAR is offering almost monthly presentations on the third Saturday of the month.  Below is a list of the meetings:

2010 Laurin Wheeler Program Series

Flower, Garden and Nature Society of NWAR

February 20     Jeb Leggett, owner of Custom Landscape and Nursery, Mt. Vernon, AR.  “Unusual landscape trees and shrubs”

March 20        Tony Avent, owner Plant Delights Nursery, Raleigh, North Carolina, “Exploration to Exploitation”, $15 for non-Members.

April 17          Berni Kurz, Washington County Extension Agent, “Care and Maintenance of Water Gardens”

May 15           Ricky Corder, entomologist, UA Cooperative Extension,“Solitary Bees and Syrphid Flies As Pollinators”

June 5            Through the Garden Gate tour at selected NWAR gardens. Tickets for purchase before and on the day of the tour.

July 17           Joyce Mendenhall, Washington County Master Gardener, FGNS member, “Scenes of Monet’s Garden in Giverny”

August 21       Renee Reed, garden writer and owner of Reed’s Designs Landscaping, “Herbs: Their Folklore and What to do withThem”

September 18  Fred Spiegal, UA Professor of Mycology, “What is thatFungus?”

October 16      Lynn Rogers, FGNS member, “Tree Identification Workshop”

November 20   Steve Marak, FGNS President, “Botanical Latin”

Social time begins at 9:30 with the programs starting around 10:00 a.m. Contact: Lynn Rogers, 479-841-8759. Meet in Student Center of NWAR Technical Institute, 709 S. Old Missouri Rd., (redlight at Ford and Hwy 265)Springdale, AR. Meetings are free and open to the public, unless otherwise noted.

February 8th Popcorn Snow

Well, even though I love the look of snow, since this is our third one in 3 weeks, I’d like to see the ground again. I call this one the “popcorn” or “cotton candy” snow because of the way it lays on the tree branches and bushes. With the wind chill it is about 15° today, so I didn’t linger outside long. Had to feed the birds at 3 different stations and check to see if any of our plants were damaged. Too soon to tell. Enjoy the  photos. Think warm thoughts.

Red-twig dogwoods with garden sign

Popcorn snow brings out red twig color of 'Blue Ice' Cypress.

The flowering dogwood looks like it is blooming in the winter.

Groundhog Day Buds and Blooms

It is so gratifying to go outside in February and find some plants already bravely blooming and budding through and even under the snow.  My earliest hellebore, H. atrorubens , a Lenten Rose, had many buds and one delightful flower open.  Our Japanese Flowering Apricot, Prunus mume, is covered with buds, already showing color, as well as my poor Daphne, D. odorata aureomarginata, that got so badly hit during the 0° temps. Despite the damage, there are still lots of buds ready to open. On Groundhog Day, even if he does see his shadow, I know that spring is not far away.

The small tree faithfully blooms every February.

Newly opened flower of Lenten Rose