More prairie trout lily photos

More Prairie Trout Lily photos from the woods.

These delightful harbingers of spring bloom earlier than the White Trout Lily, E. albidum and the Yellow Dog-tooth Violet, E. americanum. Native American women used the leaves for preventing pregnancy and they also were thought to have antibacterial properties.

3 thoughts on “More prairie trout lily photos

  1. This is Dr. Sangtae Lee, Department of Biological Science, Suwon, Korea. I found your beatiful picture of Iris fulva through internet. I am thinking to use this picture in my book putatively entitled “Introduction to Evolutionary Science” to explain “introgressive hybridization.” Would you allow me to use it? By any chance, do you have the pictures of Iris hexagona and the hybrid between I. hexagona and I. fulva? It would be greatly appreciated if you would allow me to share these too if available. Thank you.

    • Is the photo of the red form of Iris fulva? Yes, you may use it, if you will give me credit, by name, for my photography. I believe I do have pix of I. hexagona. Will look and send or post them. May I also have a copy of your book when it is published? Thank you.
      Lynn B. Rogers, Fayetteville, AR

    • Dear Dr. Lee: I am a member of SIGNA (Species Iris Growers of North America). Each year I order seeds of species irises and their natural crosses etc. They have a website online. You should be able to see pix of all the irises.

      I will look for my I. hexagona, I. fulva and I. fulvala (a naturally occurring hybrid). I also have I. virginica, I. brevicaulis and I. cristata and many others.

      If you publish your book in English and use one or more of my photos, I’d appreciate a copy. Thanks. Regards, Lynn Rogers

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