Mid-season Daylilies

Ida's Magic

Fooled Me


Here are some of the daylilies that are blooming this month.  The top one is one of my earliest purchases, Ida’s Magic, and it remains a favorite of mine today. Going out to see what new daylilies have opened is a little like finding Easter eggs, a surprise every morning. The middle photo is of Fooled Me, a new cultivar for me this season. The bottom photo is the lovely Apollodorus, which I’ve had for many years. Daylilies are fun, they bloom a long time (mine began flowering in May), they are easy care, and their myriad colors and shapes are a thrill to experience everyday.

6 thoughts on “Mid-season Daylilies

  1. I like the “fooled me” best… so pretty. I just planted daylilies for the first time in my yard last week. I got “Cranberry Baby’ and ‘Apple Tart’ varieties.
    HAPPY 4th!

  2. Loved seeing these and plan to buy some instead of other flowers. Is it save to order from catalogs as I remember being told that there were some viruses with day lilies and hostas and to wait a year or two so the mess would be under control.

    • I buy from online places like Marietta Gardens, hybridizers Faye, John and Elizabeth Shooter, and others. They have quality stock, usually send double fans and a bonus plant or two.

      Look on Tinkers Daylily Database at daylilies you like or just Google them by putting (daylily Ida’s Magic) in the search line and click on it. That way you’ll have a choice of sellers and prices. Look for double fans or better.
      Hope this helps.

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