Sister Event at Mystic Isle

Sister Event Sunset

My two sisters and I spent a couple of days together at Mystic Isle in Edgemont, Arkansas.  We took a ride on Greer’s Ferry Lake and the Little Red River to catch the sunset over Sugar Loaf Mountain. The next day we walked to the top of a bluff behind my sister Dianne’s house. The red cedar looks like it is growing out of solid rock. Wonderful time!

Perceful Point with red cedar growing out of the rock.

Flaming fall color of ‘October Glory’ is outstanding this year.

Stunning fall color of a maple hybrid near the patio

‘October Glory’ maple is a hybrid between the Red maple (Acer rubrum) and the Silver maple (Acer saccharinum). It is not as brittle as the silver maple, but has the rapid growth of the silver maple. Fall color rivals that of the red maple.