Pass-along plant is an heirloom mum from friend in Tulsa.

The 4" flowers of this mum lasted through the end of November

My friend, Russell Studebaker from Tulsa, is a generous soul. He always shares interesting plants with me. In June he gave me a cutting of the lovely mum shown in the photo.  His picture above, which he also let me have, is of a more mature clump than mine. Even as a small cutting, mine had many buds and flowers for its first fall in the patio bed. The flowers have lasted until the end of November. They bloomed quite late. The stems are long, so they make a nice cutting flower as well. Since it is a single, the bees, butterflies and syrphid flies have swarmed the blooms, getting the last bit of nectar for the growing-season end.

The plants came from Dr. Michael and Leslie Harvey. Originally, they came from Michael’s grandmother in Valdosta, Georgia who got it from her friend over 30 years ago.  The Georgia ladies called these mums “the pinks.” They are true pass-along plants. As Russell wrote in his Tulsa World article, “Good plants perpetuate themselves through friends.”  We may never know the real name for these beautiful mums, but we’ll always be reminded of their history.

4 thoughts on “Pass-along plant is an heirloom mum from friend in Tulsa.

  1. Nice ‘heirloom’ story… makes me want to hear more stories about plants given along the way… are there any books out there like that? I wonder. 🙂

    • Yes, Nadia
      thanks for liking my post. There is at least one book on Pass-along plants. Try googling it. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  2. I can’t believe I finally found this Mum online. I have it in my yard and got it from a local Mom and Pop nursery. I have been spreading it around my yard and plan to pass it on to my daughter. It is absolutely lovely! At least you have finally given me a name to call it. By the way, we are not far from Valdosta so who knows, maybe our plants are related!

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