Wordless Wednesday Revised—Twenty-two inch snow, state record


Patio fountain with a foot and a half of snow

back deck shows deepest snow

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Revised—Twenty-two inch snow, state record

  1. You are invited to the Dawg-Dish ski resort. I will be open I’m afraid for quite some time. I got between 18 and 20 inches depending where I measured yesterday (Wed) on top on what snow had not yet melted. I felt better, however, after I went back to an article you published on May 17, 2009 on long -blooming perennials that give gardeners the best of both worlds. I am thinking where I can put some of the plants you suggested. Do you have an update on this as I know you’ve had to do lots of gardening revisions thanks to the road widing

  2. Hey Carolyn, All we need are some cross country skis or snow shoes and we’d be open for business.

    We moved all of our front berm plants to two new berms on the north side of the house. One is shady and the other half shade. Still won’t know how many actually survived the move until the bud out in spring.

    If you have a specific question, I’ll try to answer it.

  3. Donna from GWGT here. You are linked and posted in Blotanical just fine. I just gave your post five hearts so it will start getting some action. You may want to try the same with my post to learn your way around Blotanical. Any questions just let me know. Posts, like yours and mine, are listed on the New Blogs list. Under your post, you will see the picks that I gave you.

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