First daffodil and new hellebore flowers

It is always a surprise to see which daffodil is the first to bloom in my garden each year. Usually the jonquils or the dwarf daffodils are the earliest, but this year ‘Ice Follies’, one of the best daffodils to naturalize, was first. ¬†When it just opens, the trumpet is very yellow. As it ages, the trumpet turns white, giving this daff a completely different look. ‘Ice Follies’ is an excellent cut flower and is so sturdy that it can withstand rain and snow.

I’m also including some of the new hellebores that bloomed for the first time. I’ve had the plants for at least three years, but they weren’t big enough to bloom. There are several unusual color combinations. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “First daffodil and new hellebore flowers

  1. Not having hellbores, I didn’t realize they bloomed at the same time as daffodils. And it takes three years for them to bloom! Learned a lot from this post.

  2. Until this year I had never heard the word Helioros (sp). Learned so much. In checking the internet I concluded that they have green foliage all year. Is that correct? Pictures are beautiful. Thank you.

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