Plants that can stand the heat.

Here are some photos of plants that were blooming this morning. Today is 110° in the shade, so in the sun, it is probably 115°.  We water every morning, but by noon, some of the plants

are already wilted again. Remember to water your trees! (The variegated shrub in front of the hibiscus is ‘Fairy’ a Caryopteris.)

Castor Bean plant with Mr. Lincoln rose.

Hibiscus mutabilis 'Rubrum'

These Gerber daisies look cool even in 110° temperatures.

8 thoughts on “Plants that can stand the heat.

  1. I can not fathom that heat. I hope you get some relief soon. The weather has been brutal in so many places this year. I count myself lucky here in the Falls although we did hit a record high for July. I just read all 50 states hit a high for July. That really is saying something.

    • I have visited Niagara once, from the Canadian side. It is such a breath-taking place. How lucky you are to live there.

      We finally had some rain and the temps a little lower, in the 90s. Yay! Lynn

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