Arkansas Autumn Walk

multicolored leaves of Sassafras

Here are some of the views of autumn from a walk around our yard. Japanese Anemone ‘Andrea Atkinson’ is in full bloom, too. Savor the fragrance of fall and the colors. Enjoy!

'Andrea Atkinson' Japanese Anemone

'Empress' toadlily, a jewel of a fall flower

  • October Glory maple
  • horse chestnut and Southern red oak

Evolve . . . word for Wednesday

Moth caterpillar in defensive posture.

Caterpillars change and grow by spitting their skin. A new, larger one is under the old, tight skin. They change through several instars (stages). Then they weave a cocoon and change into a moth. This is the caterpillar of the Pandorus Sphinx. It is a beautiful, large moth, a feeder on night-blooming plants with a proboscis (tongue) about four inches long.

Larger instar.

The Pandorus Sphinx has good protective coloration because it blends in with its surroundings. One of the nectar flowers is the night-blooming Moon Flower Datura.

Moon Flower Datura

Pandorus Sphinx