What’s blooming in January?

Grape holly bloom clusters.

Unseasonably warm weather has caused some buds to open early. Yesterday I walked around taking pictures of the blooms. The honeybees were taking full advantage of the pollen and nectar from the flowering apricot, Lenten Roses (hellebores), ‘John Clayton’ honeysuckle and Oregon Grape Holly (Mahonia). These little jewels get me prepared for the real winter weather to come.

This freckled bloom isn't usually seen until late February.

Fragrant blooms of flowering apricot have opened a month early.

6 thoughts on “What’s blooming in January?

  1. Do the flowering apricots have an edible fruit? You post such great pictures that I can’t decide what I want to add to my yard; I want it all but know better. I found one timy bluette (sp) flowering on my walk today, a jonquil that will probably open tomorrow. My plants are so confused

    • Mine came from a friend here in town. It belonged to her mother. She told me she thinks she bought it from Fairview Gardens. Jerry wants a couple more, so I’m going to be searching the net for some. I’ll let you know what I find. Call around locally for Prunus mume ‘Peggy Clarke’. You and Steve okay? Karen has another grandson, Paxton. Sib took a couple of falls and hurt her ankle.

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