What’s new in February?

Early daffodil, Dick Wellband, is joined by Ice Follies, Tete-a-Tete and Campernelle.

Even with the unseasonably warm weather, lots of plants are blooming right on time: Winter Daphne, Flowering Quince, Red Maples, snowdrops and early daffodils. Purple hyacinths are blooming early but the Lenten Rose is open on Ash Wednesday, today. While the sun is shining, walk around your own yard or a park nearby and see what is blooming.

Winter daphne has the sweetest lemony blooms, better than gardenia for me.

snowdrops are opening on time.

Lenten roses can be of several different colors, Helleborus orientalis or x hybridus.

Another color of Lenten rose.

My purple hyacinths have multiplied 4-fold and are blooming very early.

6 thoughts on “What’s new in February?

  1. Your blog always inspires me. Will you write more about your winter daphne and have you grown blue bells (Barry Gleck). When should I put my gardenia outside?
    Haven’t found a slithery snake yet but have encounter my first tick.

  2. thanks, Carolyn. The daphne is D. odora aureomarginata and it has been very hardy here. I recommend it. I do grow Virginia Bluebells and I love them, but they aren’t up yet. Must have for shade garden. Wait until
    about the middle of April, if your gardenia isn’t frost proof.

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