Earliest Blooms on Flowering Apricot

Usually our flowering apricot buds and blooms repeatedly late January and in February. Today, December 27, 2012, is the earliest date I have recorded for it to bloom. It is the cultivar ‘Peggy Clarke’ of Prunus mume. Apparently it has been blooming for several days because my husband, Jerry, asked me if I’d see the blooms. They were probably open on Christmas!

The bottom picture was taken on January 20, 2012 on a sunnier day.

Prunus mume 'Peggy Clarke' with open blooms in late December.

Prunus mume ‘Peggy Clarke’ with open blooms in late December.

'Peggy Clarke' Prunus mume

4 thoughts on “Earliest Blooms on Flowering Apricot

  1. Wow. I needed to be inspired and this did it.
    Tell me a bit more about it like fragrance? real edible apricots? deer attracting? size? I’ve also fallen in love with a blue global spruce
    but am just at the drooling stage and not at the digging a huge hole

    • hi Carolyn, yes it is fragrant, very nicely wafts thru the garden. it is an ornamental, so doesn’t produce edible fruits but I think some do. the deer don’t other it b/c it has small thorn along branches. Lynn

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