Fayetteville Square flowers offer stunning color combinations.

‘Bishop of Llandaff’ dahlia with monarch.

More beautiful combinations using coleus and purple oxalis.
‘Black Pearl’ ornamental pepper, used in several locations, was a standout among other plants.
Black Elephant Ear, zinnias and coleus are bright and beautiful.
Flame Flower Vine, Senecio confusus, has very bright orange-red flowers and attracts clouds of butterflies

A recent afternoon stroll around the Square yielded some wonderful photos of plants combinations. Also, a black-leafed ornamental pepper really caught my eye, so I’ll have to have ‘Black Pearl’ for my garden. It will have to be grown as an annual. Their use of the flame flower vine, Senecio confusus, was so beautiful. Enjoy!

What is blooming now. . . portraits of reliable fall blooming plants.

Golden Raintree, Koelreuteria bipinnata, has seed pods that are as pretty as flowers.

Obedient plant blooms bountifully.
Ivy-leaved cyclamen, C. hederifolium, is only 4 inches tall but its bright color makes it a stand-out.
Japanese anemone ‘Andrea Atkinson’ forms a large colony about 5 feet wide.
Very reliable sedum flowers change from pink to deep russet.
Narrow-leaf Sunflower is a bright exclamation point in the fall garden.
This aster is very fragrant and climbs up to 8 feet.

‘October Skies’ native aster

This toad lily, Miyazaki, shows some atypical coloration

Arkansas Autumn Walk

multicolored leaves of Sassafras

Here are some of the views of autumn from a walk around our yard. Japanese Anemone ‘Andrea Atkinson’ is in full bloom, too. Savor the fragrance of fall and the colors. Enjoy!

'Andrea Atkinson' Japanese Anemone

'Empress' toadlily, a jewel of a fall flower

  • October Glory maple
  • horse chestnut and Southern red oak

Evolve . . . word for Wednesday

Moth caterpillar in defensive posture.

Caterpillars change and grow by spitting their skin. A new, larger one is under the old, tight skin. They change through several instars (stages). Then they weave a cocoon and change into a moth. This is the caterpillar of the Pandorus Sphinx. It is a beautiful, large moth, a feeder on night-blooming plants with a proboscis (tongue) about four inches long.

Larger instar.

The Pandorus Sphinx has good protective coloration because it blends in with its surroundings. One of the nectar flowers is the night-blooming Moon Flower Datura.

Moon Flower Datura

Pandorus Sphinx

Sister Event at Mystic Isle

Sister Event Sunset

My two sisters and I spent a couple of days together at Mystic Isle in Edgemont, Arkansas.  We took a ride on Greer’s Ferry Lake and the Little Red River to catch the sunset over Sugar Loaf Mountain. The next day we walked to the top of a bluff behind my sister Dianne’s house. The red cedar looks like it is growing out of solid rock. Wonderful time!

Perceful Point with red cedar growing out of the rock.