Cooler weather helps plants and gardeners.

With temps in the 90s and a little rain, my garden seems to be breathing a sigh of relief. Many plants are blooming again. Most of my roses are in full bloom which I didn’t expect until fall. My brown turkey fig, on the patio, is bearing fruit too. They have an opening on the end which ants love to take advantage of, so I put a little plug of vaseline there and problem solved.

Brown turkey figs are my favorite because they remind of the bush that grew in my Grandmother Brockett’s yard.
Outhouse Hibiscus
Grown for its fragrance and soft velvety leaves.
Also in the patio area is a bodacious Hibiscus grandiflora or Swamp Hibiscus. It has huge velvety green leaves and pink fragrant flowers. It was often grown beside the outhouse, for obvious reasons. It was also called The Outhouse Rose.
A beautiful hibiscus from my friend, Russell Studebaker. It is very tall with 5-6″ blooms. The dark pink hibsicus is H. mutabilis ‘Rubrum’.
A favorite hibiscus for hummingbirds, Turk’s Cap Mallow, a native wildflower,  Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii

Scenes from the Wichita Garden Show

Wichita Garden Show

The first weekend in March was a wonderful road trip with my friend, Sharon Haley, to Kansas for the Wichita Garden Show, one of the top five in the nation. The gardens were designed based on movie themes: Jurassic Park, Up, The Secret Garden, Avatar and others. Very creative and fun. (run the cursor over the pictures to discover the film name.)

FGNS to sponsor internationally known garden speaker and author.





MARCH 19, 2011





Time: 9:30 a.m.

International garden lecturer and designer, award-winning author, naturalist and photographer. His books include: Hellebores: A Comprehensive Guide, Native Alternative to Invasive Plants, Perennial Combinations, Perennials For Today and many others. Mr. Burrell will sign books after his lecture. The books are available at Nightbird Books on Dickson St. in Fayetteville. Show your FGNS membership card for a 10% discount. Call 479-521-9090 for more information.

Tony Avent, owner Plants Delight Nursery, will give two talks in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Horticultural Society is hosting two events with internationally renowned plantsman, Tony Avent. He has traveled the world in search of new and rare plants for North American gardens. Gardeners eagerly await his Plant Delights catalog each year for its hilarious and often irreverent prose and its outstanding covers, which are filled with cartooned satire modified with horticultural overtones.

On March 19th, Avent will present “From Exploration to Exploitation:  The Road from Plant Discovery to Market” at 6:30 p.m. at the Tulsa Garden Center, which also co-sponsors the event. On March 20th, Avent will be in Oklahoma City at the Zoo, giving a presentation on “Landscaping in Drifts of One:  A Focus on Plant Combinations” at 1:00 p.m.  Avent’s entertaining speaking style will keep everyone entertained. For more information, go to





Garden Programs for 2011—Open to all

2011 Laurin Wheeler Program Series

Flower, Garden and Nature Society of NWAR


January  15     Round-table discussion. Bring favorite garden tool for show

and tell and be prepared to share what works for you in your


February 19    Karyn Zaremba-Culver, owner of Bean Mountain Farms and Herbal

Simplicity, will present a hands-on program, “I’ve Grown These

Beautiful Herbs, Now What Do I Do With Them?”, featuring how to

make herbal sugars, vinegars and oils.

March 19        C. Colston Burrell, international lecturer, garden designer, award winning

author, naturalist and photographer. Books include: Hellebores: A

Comprehensive Guide, Native Alternatives to Invasive Plants, Rodale’s

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials, Perennial Combinations,

Perennials for Today’s Gardens and A Gardener’s Encyclopedia of

Wildflowers. His garden, Bird Hill, near Charlottesville, Virginia was featured

in the New York Times and other publications.  “Native

Alternatives to Invasive Plants”

April 16        Dr. Gerald Klingaman, Director of Operations, Botanical Garden of the

Ozarks,  “Hardy Ferns for Northwest Arkansas.”

May 21         Gail Pianalto, Washington County Master Gardener and co-founder of

Wa. Co. Junior Master Gardeners, has given talks at 4 national meetings

of  the American Horticulture Society’s Children and Youth Gardening

Symposium. She will present as “Luna Lovegood on Moon Gardening,”

about how the garden doesn’t go to sleep at night.

As the day shift leaves, the night shift comes to work.

June 11         Through the Garden Gate tour at selected Northwest Arkansas  gardens

July 16          Leigh Wilkerson, organic gardener and garden writer,

“Edible Landscaping”

August 20       Tom Dillard, Director of Special Collections, UA Library,

“More than Hostas: Gardening in the Shade.”

September 17   Dr. Ashley Dowling, UA Entomology Department, “Ant lions, Tiger

Beetles and Lace Wings, Oh My!” The story on the “other” benefi-

cial insects that help us control garden pests.

October 15       Larry Lowman, former owner of very successful Ridgecrest Nursery

in Wynne, AR. “Native Success Stories by a Southern Nurseryman.”

November 19   Steve Sampers, president of NWA Master Naturalists, will give a

presentation on the  “Master Naturalist Program and Training.”

Social time begins at 9:30 with the programs starting around 10:00 a.m. Contact: Lynn Rogers, 479-521-9090. Meet in

Student Center of NWAR Technical Institute, 709 S. Old Missouri Rd.,

(red light at Ford and Hwy 265) Springdale, AR. Meetings are free and open to the public, unless otherwise noted.

Japanese Iris (I. ensata) 'Strut and Flourish'

Great Garden Programs for 2010

Sunshine Hellebore hybrid

Flower, Garden and Nature Society of NWAR is offering almost monthly presentations on the third Saturday of the month.  Below is a list of the meetings:

2010 Laurin Wheeler Program Series

Flower, Garden and Nature Society of NWAR

February 20     Jeb Leggett, owner of Custom Landscape and Nursery, Mt. Vernon, AR.  “Unusual landscape trees and shrubs”

March 20        Tony Avent, owner Plant Delights Nursery, Raleigh, North Carolina, “Exploration to Exploitation”, $15 for non-Members.

April 17          Berni Kurz, Washington County Extension Agent, “Care and Maintenance of Water Gardens”

May 15           Ricky Corder, entomologist, UA Cooperative Extension,“Solitary Bees and Syrphid Flies As Pollinators”

June 5            Through the Garden Gate tour at selected NWAR gardens. Tickets for purchase before and on the day of the tour.

July 17           Joyce Mendenhall, Washington County Master Gardener, FGNS member, “Scenes of Monet’s Garden in Giverny”

August 21       Renee Reed, garden writer and owner of Reed’s Designs Landscaping, “Herbs: Their Folklore and What to do withThem”

September 18  Fred Spiegal, UA Professor of Mycology, “What is thatFungus?”

October 16      Lynn Rogers, FGNS member, “Tree Identification Workshop”

November 20   Steve Marak, FGNS President, “Botanical Latin”

Social time begins at 9:30 with the programs starting around 10:00 a.m. Contact: Lynn Rogers, 479-841-8759. Meet in Student Center of NWAR Technical Institute, 709 S. Old Missouri Rd., (redlight at Ford and Hwy 265)Springdale, AR. Meetings are free and open to the public, unless otherwise noted.