What is blooming early in your garden?

Grape holly bloom clusters.

Grape holly bloom clusters.

'John Clayton' honeysuckle with crossvine

‘John Clayton’ honeysuckle with crossvine

Winter daphne has the sweetest lemony blooms, better than gardenia for me.

Winter daphne has the sweetest lemony blooms, better than gardenia for me.

My first daffodil to bloom this year, in January, was Erlicheer. It is very uncommon to see it in bloom so early. Fragrant Daphne is blooming a little early and my Flowering Japanese Apricot continues blooming, since its December debut! ‘John Clayton’ and ‘Red Cascade’ native honeysuckles are blooming, too. My vernal witchhazel is in full bloom. The Oregon Grapehollies (Mahonia) are blooming and the bees are flocking to them. Several daffodils are budded to open any day. All of my hellebores are blooming and started in January. Tell me what is blooming early for you.

Hellebores, also called  Lenten roses are in full bloom, all colors..

Hellebores, also called Lenten roses are in full bloom, all colors..


Fayetteville Square flowers offer stunning color combinations.

‘Bishop of Llandaff’ dahlia with monarch.

More beautiful combinations using coleus and purple oxalis.
‘Black Pearl’ ornamental pepper, used in several locations, was a standout among other plants.
Black Elephant Ear, zinnias and coleus are bright and beautiful.
Flame Flower Vine, Senecio confusus, has very bright orange-red flowers and attracts clouds of butterflies

A recent afternoon stroll around the Square yielded some wonderful photos of plants combinations. Also, a black-leafed ornamental pepper really caught my eye, so I’ll have to have ‘Black Pearl’ for my garden. It will have to be grown as an annual. Their use of the flame flower vine, Senecio confusus, was so beautiful. Enjoy!

Living through the drought. . .

The drought in Arkansas is severe so most of our time is spent trying to save the trees, shrubs and perennials we have. Despite the heat, some things are still blooming. Autumn Minaret is said to be the tallest daylily with stalks up to 6 feet tall. The flowers are fragrant and bloom 16 hours out of 24 hours. It is a see-through plant, as well.

So Lovely is a tall daylily too, with scapes up to 4 feet tall. It is very fragrant.

Our Blue Passion Vine is blooming too. It is hardy and fragrant from South America.

So Lovely

Crinum lilies, old Southern plants, are often seen at abandoned home sites. These two here, Ellen Bosanquet, the wine-colored one and Milk and Wine, the pink and white striped are popular ones. Most of my crinums come from Jenks Farmer at Lush Life Nursery. These bulbs were brought to the United States from South Africa, along with slaves. They can reach the size of a watermelon. Very fragrant.


‘Ellen Bosanquet’ and Milk and Wine crinum lilies

My Latest Garden Escapade

Hello to everyone. I’ve been away from my blog since the last of February. After my husband, Jerry, and I planted a ‘Little Gem’ Magnolia on our new berm (140′ x 12′ x 4′ to buffer wider Crossover Road), I slipped in the mud and fell forward on my hands, HARD! My right radius is broken and my left arm is severely sprained, so my typing skills are limited. But,  so much is blooming this month, I just had to share with you.

Empress Daffodil from Old House Gardens.

Snowflakes are a minor bulb with dainty green-tipped blooms.

The Geranium Narcissus is an old-timey favorite because of its color and fragrance.