Winter Color 2012

'Pink Icicle' camellia buds

‘Pink Icicle’ camellia buds

'Warren's Red' Possumhaw deciduous holy, has never had more than 4 berries until this year.

‘Warren’s Red’ I. decidua,  another native deciduous holly, has never had more than 4 berries until this year.

Possumhaw with leaves.

‘Warren’s Red’ Possumhaw with leaves.

Winterberry, Ilex verticilata, is our newest deciduous holly.

Winterberry, Ilex verticillata, is our newest deciduous holly.

Our mature femaile yaupon, a native evergreen, has its heaviest berry crop ever.

Our mature female yaupon, Ilex vomitoria, a native evergreen holly, has its heaviest berry crop ever.

Camellia flowers in December

Camellia flowers in December

Hollies, both evergreen and deciduous, add their color to the garden. My ‘Pink Icicle’ Camellia began blooming in November and is still budding and blooming. We’ve also added Burford hollies and female yews on the new berm for their future berries.  Enjoy!


Season’s Greetings

December is usually quiet in the garden. Most plants have yielded to their age-old cycle of resting, but for some, this is a time to shine. My Pink Icicle camellia has more blooms on it than it has ever had. John Clayton honeysuckle is still blooming (see last post) AND it has berries, a double bonus. I wish peace and happiness to you all and to all creatures, great and small.

Pink Icicle hardy camellia

Nutcrackers from my son, Mark's, decorations

November’s Pleasures

November is usually a brilliant month. There is something about the fall sunlight on the colored leaves and flowers that shows them at their best. Bright contrast and details of leaves not seen with the chlorophyll present. I’m pairing the last rose of fall with the first camellia to bloom and ‘John Clayton’ honeysuckle that has some blooms all year long.  Happy Thanksgiving.

'John Clayton' honeysuckle with crossvine

Queen of Denmark

'Pink Icicle' camellia