Spiders, UFOs and Double-deckers

Today’s garden pix show off nature’s and daylily hybridizers’ work in new forms. The Gloriosa Daisy (Rudbeckia hirta var. angustifolius) in my butterfly garden produced a rare double-decker bloom. These are the blooms that horticulturists like to clone and introduce to the market. It seems everything double is popular. The second picture is of a daylily of unknown name that has the UFO form. It is more irregular than a spider. I really like UFOs. Their flowers are huge, some are 10-12 inches across.

The bright red daylily is a new spider form unknown. Its rich red color is so striking next to the yellow throat. Even the backs of the petals are bright yellow, so it was a surprise when it bloomed red. I like surprises. See you in the garden.