It’s 104° in the shade! What’s blooming?

It's 104° in the shade!

With the daily temperatures running 104°, as you see, up to 106°, what could possibly be blooming???? Well, actually quite a number of things. Rose of Sharon, roses, PeeGee hydrangeas, ‘Tardiva’ hydrangea, Rose hibiscus, Joe Pye Weed (a butterfly banquet), crepe myrtles, ‘Lime Light’ hydrangea, crinum lily ‘Ellen Bosanquet’, dahlias, native honeysuckle, garden phlox, Cardinal flower, reblooming iris, and rose verbena.  One new little bird, a face only a mother could love, baby cardinal in the Japanese golden cedar. Enjoy the blooms below, some are what I call, flying flowers (Giant Skipper, Buckeye and Black Swallowtail).

The baby cardinal, in the Japanese Cedar tree, has a face only a mother could love.

Cardinal Flower blooming in the bog area.

Joe Pye blooms are butterflies' banquet.

Blood-red dahlia contrasts well with boulder and crow.

Crinum lily 'Ellen Bosanquet' is about to open.

Reblooming iris looks delicate despite sweltering temperatures.

'Ellen Bosanquet' open, a fountain of big, messy foliage and stems 4-5" tall.

'Tardiva' Hydrangea paniculata

All flowers are refreshing in this heat. 'Lime Light' looks as fresh as a daisy!