Musings on flowers in June

It seems we jumped right from cold weather to hot, 95°! This first flower is an unusual native wildflower, Penstemon murryanus. Its leaves are fleshy and perfoliate, which means the rose-colored stems go right through the middle of the leaf. The bright coral flowers are hummingbird favorites.

architectural leaves are striking in the border


new clematis compliments rose

My new clematis, C. florida sieboldii, has really bloomed well. It is paired with a ‘Night Owl’ rose, which is a single purple with a yellow center of stamens.




This beardstongue or Penstemon, ‘Betty’s Choice’, is a native that is covered with lavender blooms every year.  Rose Campion, with silver leaves and magenta flowers is a knock out in the border. One more wildflower in the garden is the Purple Milkweed. Its intricate flowers and long leaves feed and host the Monarch butterfly.

                                                                                                            penstemon named for my friend Betty

This milkweed is another host for the Monarch butterfly.

Lychnis coronaria