Species iris grown from seed collected by members of SIGNA, Species Iris Growers of North America.


Iris fulvala, a naturally occurring hybrid in the wild.



water-loving Iris virginica



Iris brevicaulis called the Zig Zag iris


I’m a member of SIGNA, a group of iris enthusiasts that collect and share seed for its members to grow them. I have many in my bog garden. This month I’ve moved 10 new ones to the growing beds and am waiting to see what color they will be and what species.  It is easy to grow species iris from seed. All it takes is a little patience and to join SIGNA. These irises were all grown from seed in a large plastic self-watering trough. I covered the trough with peony circles and bricks to prevent the squirrels from digging them up. A number of these species + I. hexagona, all together, produced the Louisiana Iris, a beautiful group of water-loving iris with many cultivars.