Daylilies shine when temperatures climb.

Daylilies are favorites of mine because, even in hot weather, they bloom faithfully. I have about 130 named daylilies and some of my own hybrid seedlings. As a plant collector, daylilies are definitely addictive. They are so easy to grow and come in just about every shape and color imaginable, except blue, but that color is close to becoming a reality. Several daylilies have blue throats or rings now. I’m including pictures of some that have bloomed recently.

Mary's Gold

Carolina Ruffles

one of my seedlings

Persian Pattern

Priscilla's Rainbow

Daring Dilemma

Spiders, UFOs and Double-deckers

Today’s garden pix show off nature’s and daylily hybridizers’ work in new forms. The Gloriosa Daisy (Rudbeckia hirta var. angustifolius) in my butterfly garden produced a rare double-decker bloom. These are the blooms that horticulturists like to clone and introduce to the market. It seems everything double is popular. The second picture is of a daylily of unknown name that has the UFO form. It is more irregular than a spider. I really like UFOs. Their flowers are huge, some are 10-12 inches across.

The bright red daylily is a new spider form unknown. Its rich red color is so striking next to the yellow throat. Even the backs of the petals are bright yellow, so it was a surprise when it bloomed red. I like surprises. See you in the garden.