Hey, I’m back to writing my blog. . .

I took this photo of a lovely, sparkling stream while traveling in  Wales. In the United States and in other fortunate countries, like the United Kingdom, we often take water for granted. It is just always there when we need it, BUT, nearly one billion people lack access to clean water. African women spend 40 billion hours  struggling to carry water for cooking, drinking and cleaning, and 38,000 children die every week due to unsafe drinking water. This year, on October 15th,  thousands of bloggers from over 125 different countries will come together to write about water issues around the world.

The problem of scarce clean water is the biggest one facing under-developed countries, but in industrialized nations like our own, the biggest problem is the over-consumption of our precious resource. Tomorrow, I will join all of the other bloggers,  by writing about solutions for our planet’s water issues. Join me. Thanks.